In old days there was more labor and less money required and now more money and less labor required. I am listening from last 30 years, the time is coming, boy`s wale begs for girls and dowry will be history. But for all practical purpose except few pockets, it is increasing day by day. The show business is increasing like anything. The problem with the birth of a daughter is not that she will go one day or we have to spend on unproductive asset but on huge expenditure required in marriage and even after marriage, on all the functions. A middle class father put his all money in raising their children and on their study. After that he tries his best to have own small house for future security of his wife and children’s and at the end break down while doing marriage. Even it cost almost same in boy marriage also but in that case you have some assets in form of Gold or other products from girl side as well as own investment made in marriage.

We have a very fantastic Marriage Calculator. It will help you to achieve your goal without any hassle. Let’s start investing for this purpose as soon as possible.

Marriage Expense Calculator

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